The 10 most rare and uncommon allergies

Published 06.05.2019 00:10
UV radiation from the sun can cause some allergies like skin redness.
UV radiation from the sun can cause some allergies like skin redness.

You're probably familiar with allergies to pollen, pets and so forth, but what about allergies to water, shoes and exercise?

The body's immune system's excessive sensitivity reaction to any substance means allergic reactions. All of us have probably heard of allergies to pollen. For most people, some foods like milk and eggs are allergens. The number of people who complain about allergic rhinitis is quite large. Well, what about water allergy? Or is an allergy to technology possible? Do you know anyone who has a shoe allergy? Chest disease specialist Dr. Hakan Eren explained why allergies increase and offers some insight about rare and interesting allergy types.

Not utopic but atopic

People who are susceptible to allergies are called atopic. Atopy is not evaluated as a sickness but as a genetic feature.

The substances that are not harmful to the human body normally can cause allergies in atopic people. These substances that cause allergies are called allergen. Allergic patients are separated into four main categories:

Allergic sniffles or allergic rhinitis

Eye-flu or allergic conjunctivitis

Allergic asthma

Urticaria (rash or skin allergy)

Changing life and nutritional conditions alter the cause and type of allergens. Stress, an intense working environment, electromagnetic pollution, airless environments called "sick building" syndrome, air pollution and additives added to foods increase frequency of allergies.

Most frequent types of allergies

The period when seasonal allergies are seen most is in the spring months. In this period, the intensity of tree, grass and flower pollen are at their maximum. The most frequent allergens are grass and tree pollen, skin rashes from pets, various foods like milk, eggs, sea products, fruits and dried fruits, mites, fungi, bee stings, some painkillers and antibiotics, rubber-like products such as tires, and jewelry like necklaces and earrings. However, there are also some really surprising allergies.

Your shoes: Leather allergy

Some people may show an eczema-like allergic reaction to the chemicals used to process leather. In order to prevent this dermatological reaction which disappears within a few days when leather is not used, leather shoes must be used with socks.

Bye-bye brown bars: Chocolate allergy

Some people may show itching, swelling, urticaria, and eczema-like reactions against food additives in chocolate. The only solution is to remove the type of chocolate forming the reaction from your nutrition list.

Literally sun-kissed

When it comes to being exposed to the sun, the allergy-type symptoms caused by UV lights in the sun occur as redness, swelling and itching.

Beyond 'brrr': Cold allergy

In this allergy type, not only the cold weather, but also situations like swimming in cold water are dangerous. What causes allergies is known as the sudden drop in blood pressure.

l On the bench: Sports allergy

It can occur if a person eats after exercise. It can show itself independently from eating, as well. In exercise allergy, skin rashes can be seen and anaphylaxis and be observed in severe situations.

Don't dive in! Water allergy

After contact with water, there are urticaria-like rashes in the skin in this allergy. It disappears in a short time and is very rare.

Allergy to everything except water

The only known example in the world is the Australian child Kaleb Bussenschutt. Kaleb is only not allergic to water, ice and lemonade produced under a particular brand. Apart from that, he vomits instantly no matter what he eats. Nutrition is carried out with food transferred to his stomach with the help of a tube for 20 hours a day.

Not today's man: Technology allergy

The most likely cause of this type of allergy that may cause migraine-like headaches and skin reactions is electromagnetic pollution in the environment appearing due to hair dryers, wireless systems, microwave ovens and mobile phones. In recent years, this condition has been called "Sick Building Syndrome."

Uuups! Underwear allergy

It is seen in people who are sensitive to rubber and synthetic fabrics. It particularly occurs in the points where rubber parts in the underwear touch the skin.

Problem for pregnancy: Semen allergy

It is a very rare type of allergy. Like women can be allergic to sperm, some men may have allergic reactions to their own sperm.

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