Exercising an hour before iftar best way to burn calories in Ramadan

Published 10.05.2019 00:18

Is it possible to keep up with an exercise regime while fasting in Ramadan? According to professor Osman Tuğrul Eren, yes it is.

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims all around the world are fasting from dawn till dusk, which means not eating or drinking anything for long hours. However, this does not mean you should stop going to the gym in Ramadan.

Eren said that with the right Ramadan diet, it is possible to keep up with your gym schedule. "Fasting and exercise can coexist as long as you follow few key points. Sports people who need to continue their high performance sports are able to fast with a diet written by an expert, suitable to their needs between iftar and sahoor," Eren added.

Eren also said that the best time to hit the gym during Ramadan is an hour before iftar. "Since there is only an hour left to break the fast, it is kind of a motivation to all. Also, while fasting, the body starts to burn fat and fasting and exercise go together perfectly. While in the gym, it is best to just walk, pedal and run a little."

However, Eren further suggested that if you want to do a little more high-performance exercise, it is better to wait at least two hours after iftar. "In two hours, our body digests enough energy that would be useful in the gym. However, hitting the gym right after iftar is not advisable as digestion is not completed yet and you might push your heart to a state of fatigue," Eren said.

So if you want to lose the few extra kilos you put on during the winter, Ramadan is the best time to hit the gym!

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