The 10 golden rules of walking

Published 20.06.2019 00:01

The weather is getting warmer and it's high time to go for a walk and be out in nature. Walking is good for both the body and soul. Stressing that walking in nature has become a way of treatment, family physician Eren Eroğlu said, "Walking is an activity that can be done under all conditions regardless of time and place."

- It is necessary to pay attention to clothing and food to benefit from walking. The effect of clothing is significant on performance while walking. Clothing should not prevent sweating, but should also protect the person from external conditions.

- It is important to protect yourself from the cold as intensive sports and walking in cold weather may increase the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. But even walking for half an hour a day is important in controlling blood pressure and treating diabetes.

- Foot health should be taken into consideration while walking. Properly chosen footwear improves the performance. To avoid being affected by the sun during nature walks, sunglasses should be worn. Protecting the exposed skin with hats or suncream prevents sunburn.

- What you eat or drink before and during the walk is also important. Eating easily digestible carbohydrates about an hour before the walk helps to keep fit. Similarly, fruit should be eaten to fill the empty carbohydrate stores after walking.

- Water should be drunk regularly regardless of time while walking. A few sips of water drunk every 10 minutes without waiting for a sense of thirst will provide a good walk and will prevent fatigue after walking.

- Excessive or incorrect practices are as harmful as not walking and exercising. The benefit of walking and doing sports is in its sustainability. If a disability occurs, it will do more harm than good. Therefore, the first rule should not be ignored by anyone who does amateur or professional sports or walking is avoiding being injured.

- The intensity and duration of the sport and walking differ from person to person. One should know their own limits and walk within these limits.

- You should walk four days a week. Those who do not have problems like heart, orthopedic or visual discomfort can walk six kilometers per hour. Therefore, the cardiovascular system will make an effort to adapt to this pace, increase its speed and give itself a new level.

- Everyone has their own biological sports time. Those who do exercise will feel and know it. While performance is good at certain times of the day, it may not be possible to keep up with the pace that can be reached at another hour.

- But morning hours should not be chosen for walking. Especially people with high blood pressure will have higher blood pressure with the effect of awakening hormones in the first hours of the day. This difficulty is felt more with fatigue. Therefore, these people should prefer the afternoon hours for walking.

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