Detox, best way to clean chemicals in the body

Published 23.07.2019 00:21

In the age of fast food and packaged nutrition, we do not eat clean. The food we consume every day has a certain amount of chemicals in it, which accumulates in the body over time.

According to Dietician Yıldız Melek Aksoylu, these accumulated chemicals in the body slow down the metabolism as well as blood flow which causes water retention in the body. The chemicals can also cause skin problems, hormonal problems and even cancer. "When these chemicals accumulate at a certain level, the cells cannot get enough oxygen and nutrition and you want to eat more to satisfy your craving," said Aksoylu.However, it is easy to get rid of the chemicals that grow larger and larger in your body. If you want to reset your body, Aksoylu said that the best and easiest way is detox.

"When something is dirty, we want to clean it because when something is clean, it shines. Detox cleanses the body and boosts metabolism. The body renews and purifies. It also supports weight loss," added Aksoylu. The idea of detox is great, but what is the best time to cleanse our body? According to Aksoylu, detoxing twice a year is ideal. "You can do it in April and October. Although the duration of a detox varies from person to person, three to four days is more than enough. Liquid detoxes are hard on people so we advise our patients to go on with it for only a day," said Aksoylu. The key of a well-working detox is consuming plenty of liquids. Also, vegetable and fruit juices are advised on detox. Whole grains and legumes should also be included in the detox. The best way to support your detox is to add 30-minute walks to your daily routine and building a regular sleep pattern.

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