Winter is coming, so keep your hands clean

BURSA, Turkey
Published 06.09.2019 00:18
Winter is coming, so keep your hands clean

Summer is over and as the winter months approach, preserving your health in its best state is even more important. As the season turns to autumn, the temperature difference between the day and night increases, making people vulnerable to infectious diseases. According to Dr. Reşit Mıstık, the best way to protect yourself from any disease is to get the necessary vaccines before winter and wash your hands as much as possible to keep out the germs.

"There are vaccines to keep most of the viruses out of our system but for some organisms, there are no vaccines yet. So, in order to keep our health, it is key to wash your hands clean throughout the day," said Mıstık.

Throughout the day, we touch numerous things and later put our hands to our eyes, mouth and skin which are all open gates to viruses and other organisms. With our hands, we might carry microorganisms to our digestive and respiratory system.

"In 50% of cold cases, we see that the virus gets into the body through dirty hands. We must be careful while coughing and sneezing in order not to infect other people. Whatever you do, make sure to clean your hands during the day," added Mıstık.

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