Seek inner peace for a healthy life, not 'happiness'

BURSA, Turkey
Published 10.10.2019 00:55

The happiness that modern man seeks in virtual and real life might mess with their psychology if they are obsessed with it.

However, the concept of happiness is something that comes and goes; the thing that stays is inner peace, according to psychiatrist Okan Ufuk İpek.

In the quest for happiness, people might live through trauma. When you find happiness, you feel like you are on top of the world but when you fail to find it, the result might affect you worse than you can imagine.

"The feeling of happiness is something that people are extremely dependent on and seek after endlessly. However, it is a cliche. We all want to be successful and able to reach our goals in life and to find happiness but it is not a feeling that will last forever. Happiness has its ups and downs just like other feelings we experience. The feeling that we have after achieving something that we had wanted for a long time is just an illusion in the long run," said İpek.

"The state that you are in when you find inner peace is the state of being good. It is something that you can cherish all through your life. When you put inner peace before happiness, you can face the bad things more bravely. But how can we find inner peace?"

"You have to bring the things that you care about most to the forefront. You must find things that make your life meaningful. Being just and moral, having and sharing love, being charitable, loving, sincere and respectful are some of the values that we can be proud of and through them, we can find inner peace," said İpek.

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