Golden rules for parents to raise happier, peaceful babies

Published 13.11.2019 13:30
Massage is a form of exercise for babies. (iStock Photo)
Massage is a form of exercise for babies. (iStock Photo)

Everybody wants their child to be healthy and happy, but did you know there are a few simple tricks for raising a happier child from the moment it is born?

Babies are little miracles and their well-being and upbringing falls onto the parents. However, it is not always easy to bring up a healthy as well as a happy baby. Have you ever considered what it would take to raise a happier and peaceful baby?

Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Hilal Mocan there are several golden rules to raise babies in peace. The happier and more peaceful your baby grows, the healthier the baby's development will be.

Here are eight ways to help raise a happy baby:

Normal delivery

Mothers should have a normal delivery unless otherwise required due to their health. A mother who gives a normal birth makes way for her baby to have a better immune system. The structure of the intestines, the basic organ of the immune system, consist of beneficial bacteria is formed rapidly during childbirth. Another condition is the absorption of fluid in the baby's lungs, which helps the baby be at a better point in terms of lung function and respiration at the end of the delivery.

Rest the baby on your chest

The mother should bring her baby to her chest within the first 30 minutes after giving birth. If the baby was born in a hospital, a doctor or nurse should do it. If the baby is placed naked on the mother's chest in the first 30 minutes, the mother's milk will be more abundant and communication between the mother and the baby will start quite early.

Be alone with the baby

The more the mother hugs her baby and the more often she breastfeeds, the better the child's health develops. Making sure that your child has a full belly and clean diapers is an essential step for a happy baby. Especially in the first 40 days, the mother should increase skin contact with the baby, feed the baby frequently, caress the baby more and say words of love.

Hugging is the best thing

Now we want babies to be hugged, caressed, carried in the lap and communicated in words as often as possible. Do not say, "This is just a baby, they would not understand." The most beautiful sound for a baby is the lullaby it hears from the mother.

Umbilical cord care is vital

For a certain period until and after the umbilical cord falls, it is perceived as a gateway for infection. Previously, antiseptic solutions and alcohol were used to dry the baby's umbilical cord. However, the idea that the umbilical cord will not be infected and will dry and fall clean without getting wet currently dominates. For this reason, we now want babies to spend their newborn period with a diaper on, leaving the umbilical cord open if possible so that it dries in a healthy way and remains uninfected. If there is no hole for the cord in the diaper, we have to curl it to keep the cord dry, which is not the preferred way.

Watch out for essential sleep hours

A baby's sleep is also essential for its happiness. In fact, both the baby and the mother's sleep are important. The sleep time of newborns is quite long between 16.5 hours and 18.5 hours. The length of the night's sleep increases as the baby grows. Since the growth hormone is secreted between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m., sleep during these hours is very important.

Massage is a must

We want the touch movements, which are initially applied as a massage, to later take the form of exercise. Massage accelerates the babies' circulation and improves their muscles and bones, helping to solve the gas and colic problem. Especially after the fourth month, simple exercise movements are necessary for the development of the baby.

Play with your baby

As the baby grows, so does the variety of toys at hand. The child's playtime with the parents or older family members increases happiness and speech performance, as well as attention span. Even if the parents are working, they should spend a certain amount of time together every day and play games with the child.

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