One in four women over 50 suffers from insomnia

Published 02.12.2019 15:28

One in every four women over the age of 50 suffers from insomnia, according to professor Sevda İsmailoğulları, a board member of the Turkish Sleep Society.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), İsmailoğulları said hormonal changes are the main reason for women's sleep disorders. Stating that the risk of insomnia and sleep apnea increases after menopause, İsmailoğulları said: "The fat levels in the body directly affect sleep quality. Any increase in body fat poses a risk for sleep apnea."

According to the studies, women need 20 more minutes of sleep than men as women try to do more work simultaneously and think harder than men during the day. However, İsmailoğulları highlighted the fact that quality sleep is equally important for both men and women. "Deep sleep is a way for cells to regenerate," she added.

Professor İsmailoğulları also said the lack of a good night's sleep increases the risk of getting numerous diseases and negatively affects our moods as well as memory.

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