Democracy museum to be built in the name of executed prime minister

AYDIN, Turkey
Published 25.06.2015 22:27
Updated 25.06.2015 22:29
Democracy museum to be built in the name of executed prime minister

The provincial director of culture and tourism in the southwestern Turkish city of Aydın, Nuri Aktakka, released a written statement announcing they have begun work to establish a museum in memory of the late former Prime Minister Adnan Menderes upon the instruction of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu. He said they are considering converting an old building of the Aydın Archaeological Museum into the Adnan Menderes Democracy Museum in collaboration with the Culture and Tourism Ministry. He added that a committee from the ministry has already conducted a study on the building they are considering for the museum.

Currently, information, documents and personal items that revive the memory of Menderes are being collected by the Adnan Menderes University (ADÜ) Application and Research Center and İzmir Relief and Monuments Directorate under the supervision of the Aydın Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism in order to create exhibitions for the museum. "We plan to display documents in the museum that mirror the Menderes' youth, as well as his political life, Prime Ministry, investments in the country and his fight for democracy," Aktakka said, regarding the museum's proposed content. The museum is planned to display Menderes' life in parts. Aktakka said the museum will feature several parts titled "The Life of Adnan Menderes," "Adnan Menderes and National Struggle," "Adnan Menderes Opens the Doors of Politics," "Adnan Menderes, Democrat Party and Domestic Politics," "Adnan Menders and Economic Investments," "Adnan Menderes and Social Reforms," Adnan Menderes, Foreign Politics and Overseas Visits" and "Adnan Menderes and March 27."

"We ask establishments and people that have any information and documents about Adnan Menderes to contact us. Following the content collecting work for the museum, we will choose what to display. We want to complete all the necessary work and open Adnan Menderes Democracy Museum to our people as soon as possible," Aktakka said, adding that the collection work for the museum is expected to last until the end of this year.

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