Authorities seize rare Ottoman books in western Turkey

Published 03.05.2017 20:19
Updated 03.05.2017 20:49
Anadolu Agency Photo
Anadolu Agency Photo

Turkish police conducted a raid in the Keşan district of the western province of Edirne Wednesday, during which they discovered writings from the Ottoman period, including a Quran worth 100,000 Turkish liras (approximately $28,000).

Upon receiving tips that suspect S.Y was looking for buyers for historical books stored at his home, Keşan district police squads from the Gendarmerie Command raided the house.

In the home, police found a fragmented Quran worth TL 100,000, as well as torn leather-bound books written in the Arabic script pertaining to the Ottoman era.

The works were handed over to the Museum Directorate of Edirne, which will begin investigations determining whether these books are to be treated as historical artifacts. The suspect was released after bearing testimony, but investigations continue.

Turkish authorities attempt to assure the preservation of the country's cultural heritage, which is exploited by smugglers, with works frequently being sold abroad illegally. According to recent reports, Turkey recovered 4,000 smuggled historical artifacts from 2004 to 2016.

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