60 million-year-old marine fossils found in northern Turkey

Published 12.06.2017 17:41
60 million-year-old marine fossils found in northern Turkey

A scientist discovered 60 million-year-old marine fossils Monday during geological research at Ilgaz Mountain in northern Turkey.

Geological Engineer Metehan Keleş made the initial discovery.

The fossils were found at the mountain's Hacet Hill, which stands at an altitude of 2,500 meters (8,200 feet) above sea level and is located 90 kilometers (56 miles) away from the seashore.

"Of course, the subject of curiosity here is how these creatures ended up at this height. So far away from the sea and 2,500 meters above sea level," Keleş said.

Upon close examination the scientist also estimated the age of his discovery.

"We can say that these fossils are much older than humankind, that they are about 60 million years old, and that they are fossils that contain so many stories about the world history," he said.

"The discovery of these creatures informs us about the geologic age, the history, and even the formation of the region. This region, Ilgaz Mountain's Hacet Hill, is about 60 million years old and it is definite proof that the region was underwater 60 million years ago," Keleş added.

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