Edirne's Uzunköprü waits for record registration

EDİRNE, Turket
Published 28.08.2017 00:00

In the name of Uzunköprü Bridge in Edirne's Uzunköprü district, which is known as the longest stone bridge in the world, officials applied to Guinness for the title of "World's longest stone bridge." According to the written statement made by Uzunköprü Municipality, officials applied for the record registration for Uzunköprü Bridge, which is already on UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List, as the longest stone bridge in the world.

The application made to Unesco World Records Turkey Headquarter was accepted. In the aftermath of the measurements, which will be conducted during the 2nd Uzunköprü Culture, Arts and Agriculture Festival within the next month, the bridge is expected to take a new title. Located over Edirne's Ergene River, Uzunköprü Bridge is the only and the longest stone bridge in the world connecting Anatolia and Balkans.

The structure, which used to be called as "Ergene Bridge" in the past, was built by Müslihiddin, the Chief Architect of the time, with the command of Sultan Murat, II. Stretching across 1,392 meters, the stone bridge is 6,80-meter-wide. Built with the aim of passing over Ergene River, which was a natural hindrance for Ottoman Empire's Balkan expeditions, also made the way for the Turkish army to sustain their expeditions also throughout winters.

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