Sultan Abdülhamid II's school to be educational museum

Published 04.10.2018 00:00
Updated 04.10.2018 01:15
The restoration works at the school continue.
The restoration works at the school continue.

A 1909 Ottoman junior high school building built by Sultan Abdülhamid II, who was known for his support for the education sector, will be restored and turned into an educational museum.

The high school is located in Safranbolu district of Karabük province, the city is known to be well-preserved and is on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Safranbolu reflects Ottoman architecture, city life and culture, there are many inns, baths, mansions, fountains, mosques and bridges dating back to those times. In Sultan Abdulhamid II's school, renowned figures, such as film director, producer and scriptwriter Türker İnanoğlu and politician Kaya Erdem were educated there. After serving as Kalealtı Primary School, the historical building stood empty for a while. Restoration began on the building with the permission of the Ministry of National Education.

'As long as we sustain our values, our cultural riches will endure'

District Director of National Education, Hasan Gümüş, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the restoration started so that the riches of Safranbolu could be continuously renewed and the district and its history could be experienced by everyone.

Gümüş said the building only needs restoration and that the work is being conducted thanks to the support of the Karabük Governorship, the Special Provincial Administration, the Safranbolu District Governorship and Safranbolu Municipality

He implied that the restoration work is being done quickly. "We believe this building will add a different value to Safranbolu. The cultural riches here will be lasting as long as we sustain our values."

The restoration is planned to be completed in a year. The district director highlighted, "The restoration of the building continues with the permission provided by the Ministry of National Education. It will be completed in line with its original form. Safranbolu will be of historical value for many years this way."

Noting education should be versatile, he continued, "This involves cultural, touristic and other activities, as well. We teach our children that our values should continue. If we want our flag to be waved until the end of the world, we should give importance to this. Therefore, we need restored, historical buildings in this city, which we call 'the capital of historic preservation,' and is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List."

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