Ancient Turkic stamp, statues discovered in Mongolia

Published 10.08.2019 20:54
Ancient Turkic stamp, statues discovered in Mongolia

Archaeologists have discovered a rare stamp and statues belonging to the ancient Turkic Ashina tribe in Mongolia, reports said Saturday.

The discovery was made during excavations in Shiveet Ulan, led by the Turkic World Educational and Scientific Cooperation Organization (TWESCO).

TWESCO President Darhan Kıdırali said significant archaeological findings have been made in the area since 2014.

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"Numerous unique stones with stamps belonging to the Ashina Khagan tribe, as well as lion statues were found in the excavations," Kıdırali told the Anadolu Agency.

He noted that the statue is well-preserved and is a rare find.

Kıdırali also noted that other findings in the area suggest the area had been used as a monument for a khagan and that they will continue to work to identify more details about it.

Archaeological excavations are also being carried out near Kerulen region, with many artifacts suggesting that the region had been one of the holy lands of the Turkic tribes during the Göktürk period.

The first Turkic people, who referred to themselves as Turks were the Göktürks, who appeared in the 6th century AD.

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