Police break up ice-cream stick fraud

Police break up ice-cream stick fraud

Police have detained two people who thought it was a good idea to exploit the free promotions given by ice-cream firms, which allow consumers to get one free ice-cream when they return ice-cream sticks with "free" printed on them. The police launched an investigation after an ice-cream firm lodged a complaint, saying that they were receiving more promotion sticks than they were producing.

The police found out that most of the fake ice-cream sticks were coming from the Sultangazi district in Istanbul, and detained two people together with many fake ice-cream sticks and a machine they used to produce them. Officials said the suspects had been producing the fake sticks for the past three years, giving them to supermarkets they knew and selling the free ice-cream to other supermarkets at a discount. The two suspects were later released pending trial.

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