Trustees appointed to 14 other companies with links to Gülenist Kaynak Holding

Published 12.04.2016 10:36
Updated 12.04.2016 11:29

A Turkish court appointed trustees Tuesday to 14 additional companies with links to Kaynak Holding, which was earlier placed under trustee control for alleged ties with the Gülenist Terror Organization / Parallel State (FETÖ/PDY).

Following the decision, police conducted a search in the Işık Media Group's premises, which is the parent company of the Samanyolu television channel and website, the only major media outlet still controlled by the controversial Gülen Movement.

Istanbul's Seventh Criminal Court of Peace decided that the companies have organic ties with Kaynak Holding, which was earlier placed under trusteeship in November for supporting the FETÖ/PDY.

Seven trustees who were earlier appointed to 58 companies, one foundation and one association with links to Kaynak will also manage these new companies.

The shadowy Gülen Movement is being accused of forming a crime organization aiming to topple the democratic government through probes initiated on fake documents and illegal wiretappings, which were launched by its supporters installed in the judiciary and police.

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