Conversation between Enes Kanter and Atalay Demirci emerges after failed coup

Conversation between Enes Kanter and Atalay Demirci emerges after failed coup

Actor/comedian Atalay Demirci was caught red handed on Saturday asking Turkish NBA star Enes Kanter for a loan in order to flee to the United States after a nation-wide crack down on Gülenists following the failed coup attempt in the country.

Demirici's Twitter was hacked exposing his direct messages on social media to Enes Kanter, who is known for his strong support to the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ).

Kanter rejected Demirici saying, "I'm in a tight spot. I am waiting for the new season's salary. I can help you maybe in the future, but as for now it would be hard."

Kanter, who currently plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder and recently signed a 70 million dollar contract, had expressed his loyalty to FETÖ leader Fethullah Gülen, the prime suspect in the coup plot in Turkey.

Kanter was previously kept off the Turkish national basketball team's 20-man squad for EuroBasket 2015. Kanter had alleged that he was barred from the national team because he was a Gülenist after he swore allegiance to the movement on Twitter.

Turkey's national team coach Ergin Ataman brought clarity to the situation sating that they could not reach Kanter after inviting him to play for the team.

"Enes did not join in national team although we invited him. When I was assigned to the national team, I said I wanted to see all players on our team. We tried to contact him, but I didn't get any answer from him despite all my efforts," Ataman said.

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