FETÖ recruited followers for sexual blackmail, former member claims

Published 12.01.2017 00:11

It is already widely known that the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) used sex tapes for blackmail, but a former member of the group, which was behind the July 15 coup attempt, took it further, claiming they actually hired female followers to blackmail and extort people, from ministers to generals, by secretly recording sexual affairs.

Çetin Acar, who was a senior figure in the terror cult before he severed ties a few years ago, testified at a trial against the group in the capital Ankara.

Acar said the group had employed some 3,000 prostitutes, as well as female followers of the terrorist group and members of the cult, and sent them to top military brass, ministers, lawmakers and other figures to secretly videotape affairs in order to blackmail the victims later. He claimed some generals, arrested for involvement in the July 15 coup attempt that has been blamed on a small Gülenist junta, might have been blackmailed to join the group because of those sex tapes. Acar said FETÖ formed a gang especially to handle blackmail by sex cases, and Cihangir Çelik, former head of Turkish police's anti-terror unit led the gang.

Acar said he had been appointed as "imam" or point man for Fetullah Gülen, leader of the cult who now lives in Pennsylvania, United States, and for Gülenists in the army. He added that he helped young cadets rise in the ranks by giving them the questions and answers to military school exams.

FETÖ is accused of orchestrating sex tape scandals thanks to its infiltrators within law enforcement. A former police chief and 37 others were arrested in August 2016 for planting hidden cameras in an attempt to record the sexual affairs of influential political figures.

Deniz Baykal, chairman of the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) resigned in 2010 after sex tape recordings from hidden cameras emerged showing him with his former secretary and deputy. The same year and in 2011, several lawmakers from the opposition Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) stepped down after hidden camera sex tapes showing their extra-marital affairs were leaked online. A prominent businessman who leaked the sex tapes remains at large after a court issued an arrest warrant for him for being a member of FETÖ.

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