Over 69 undocumented migrants captured across Turkey


Security forces held at least 69 undocumented migrants in northwestern Edirne and eastern Erzincan provinces on Sunday, a security source said.

A total of 21 foreigners, including Iraqis and Syrians, were held in Edirne province during security checks.

In Erzincan province, security forces held 48 undocumented migrants, including Afghans and Pakistanis, near an oil station on Erzincan-Erzurum road.

The migrants said the driver was supposed to bring them to a bus station but brought them to the oil station and ran away.

The migrants were later referred to provincial migration authorities.

Turkey has been the main route for migrants trying to cross into Europe using illegal routes, especially since the beginning of the civil war in Syria.

Hundreds of migrants smuggled into the country are captured every year near the borders in western Turkey, or its Aegean provinces.

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