Passenger with explosives in suitcase apprehended by police in Turkey’s Konya

Published 01.02.2018 00:00
Updated 01.02.2018 20:55

A man on a passenger bus in central Turkey's Konya province was arrested after police found explosives in his luggage.

The bus was stopped on alert in Konya's Seydişehir district on its way from the southern Antalya province, where authorities searched the vehicle.

Two packs of dynamite and explosive devices were seized from the luggage of 31-year-old Şehmuz O.

The suspect, who is from southeast Diyarbakır province and had been arrested previously, was taken into custody by police. Authorities say the suspect claims to have stolen the dynamite from a construction site.

Authorities have not given further details about the suspect's motives and intentions.

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