Brothers sentenced over murder of Irishman


A court in southwestern Turkey sentenced two brothers to life and 25 years in prison yesterday for the fatal stabbing of a 64-year-old Irish national.

John Edward Donnelly, who lived alone in Bodrum, was found dead in his home on June 3, 2016. Based on eyewitness accounts police arrested four men in September 2016. Following an investigation, two suspects, Sinan Irmak and his elder brother Mehmet were sentenced to aggravated life imprisonment and 25 years in prison, respectively. The two other suspects were released.

The Irmak brothers, who worked as construction workers claimed that Donnelly had invited them over to his house. Sinan claimed that he was enraged when the Irish man proposed having sex, so he grabbed a knife from Donnelly's kitchen and stabbed him. He denied the charges that the murder was premeditated, while Mehmet also denied the charges that he had "plotted" the killing. Brian Donnelly, the brother of the victim, was present at the final hearing. He told reporters that justice prevailed and that the defendants received the sentences they deserved.

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