Body of Tunisian found in washing machine

Published 12.06.2018 22:40

The body of 50-year-old Tunisian national Rochdi Teboulbi was found inside a washing machine in Istanbul. Teboulbi went missing in April. Three suspects were detained in connection with Teboulbi's death.

Police in the city's Fatih district stormed a house when locals complained of a strong stench emanating from the house. Investigators found a part of the house was covered with plaster and inside, they discovered a washing machine with concrete poured all over it. The body of Teboulbi was stuffed in a suitcase inside the machine.

One of the suspects, another Tunisian national named Muhammed Eymen El M., told police that he, Teboulbi and others were taking drugs in the house some 20 days ago and Teboulbi passed out. He claimed they tried to resuscitate him but he had died and fearing they would be accused of murder, they decided to hide it. Media outlets reported that the initial autopsy of the body did not find any bullet or stab wounds.

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