27 illegal migrants held in western Turkey

Published 17.11.2018 00:58

At least 27 irregular migrants were held in western Turkey, according to security sources on Friday.

Police squads rounded up 14 migrants, all Pakistani nationals, on a highway at the Kapıkule border crossing near the country's Bulgarian border in Edirne province.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA) in Edirne, Habib Vofar, one of the migrants, complained about the difficult circumstances in his country, adding that he wanted to look after his family by finding a job in a European country.

Separately, at least 13 Afghan migrants, 10 of them minors, were held in the Ayvalık district of western Balıkesir province. One individual identified only by his initials Z.B. was arrested for organizing the illegal crossing.

Turkey has been a main route for refugees trying to cross into Europe, especially since the beginning of the civil war in Syria.

Among the migrants held in 2017 in Turkey, the majority came from Pakistan, around 15,000, followed by Afghans at around 12,000; Syrians totaled 10,000.

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