Turkish anti-cybercrime units catch long-sought 'Ghost' hacker in Istanbul

Published 14.01.2019 19:53
Updated 14.01.2019 20:03
emSabah Photo/em
Sabah Photo

Turkish anti-cybercrime units in Istanbul caught a hacker for whom an arrest warrant had been issued eight years ago, officials said Monday.

Ceyhun Tayar, nicknamed "Ghost," was caught in an operation conducted in Istanbul's Esenyurt district on the European side on Jan. 8.

An arrest warrant had been issued for the 43-year-old criminal on 117 separate crimes including scamming bank and credit institutions' information systems, forgery, theft, property damage, abuse of confidence and resisting an officer.

Büyükçekmece Courthouse ordered Tayar to be arrested and sent to prison on Jan. 11.

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