PKK terrorist plotting attack captured

Published 20.02.2019 00:07

A member of the terrorist group PKK planning an attack "in a big city" was captured Tuesday, security forces announced. The suspect, identified as Ö.G., was detained in the western city of İzmir, the third-largest city of the country - though it was unclear if he would carry out the attack there.

Ö.G., using the alias Agit Irmak inside the terrorist group, was found in the city's Torbalı district after an investigation conducted by gendarmerie forces in the southeastern city of Diyarbakır.

Security forces said the militant joined the group in 2015 and underwent training in Iraq on how to set up explosive devices and was indoctrinated to carry out a suicide bombing. The PKK's senior cadres are mostly based in mountainous hideouts in northern Iraq. The suspect was brought to Diyarbakır from İzmir and remanded into custody.

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