Security guard runs off with 4.7 million euros

Published 27.06.2019 00:19

The guard of an armored van used for money transfers for banks ran away after stealing 4.7 million euros ($5.34 million) from the van in the southern city of Adana yesterday.

The suspect, identified as Burak E. was helping load sacks of money into the van at the center of a logistics company tasked with cash transfer between banks and companies in Adana's Yüreğir district. Before the loading ended, he grabbed two sacks and ran to a car whose occupants were apparently waiting for him. The car sped away from the scene and was found abandoned in another part of the district shortly after the theft. Police detained four suspects and the search for four others, including Burak E., continues.

Hasan Ali Şen, an official from the company where the suspect worked at, told reporters at the scene that the suspect was working for them since 2013 and "never drew suspicion to commit such an act."

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