Turkish, Libyan police cooperate to save kidnapped Libyan

Published 01.10.2019 00:10

Libyan and Turkish police rescued a kidnapped relative of an Istanbul-base Libyan businessman in successful operations, authorities announced yesterday.

Abdalnasser Ibrahim Naili, the son of a Gaddafi-era general who lives in Istanbul, notified police that a relative in Libya was kidnapped by unknown suspects, and the suspects called him to ask for a ransom of $800,000 to be given to their accomplice in Istanbul. Istanbul police launched an investigation and instructed Naili to negotiate with the suspects. The kidnappers agreed on an initial payment of $70,000, and police ambushed the suspects' accomplice as he came to the businessman's office in the city's Fatih district.

The suspect told police he was instructed to take the money to a Libyan national in Esenyurt district and that the suspect was also captured. Upon interrogation, the Libyan suspect revealed the identity of suspects in Libya, and Libyan police launched an operation in that country to capture them and rescue the abducted relative of Naili. It was found the same people had kidnapped Naili's relative two months ago, but Naili paid a ransom of $20,000 and secured his release. Their accomplices in Istanbul were released with judiciary control.

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