Convicted murderer captured after hiding in bunker for 25 years

Published 30.10.2019 18:32

A man involved in a gunfight that killed 11 people in 1994 was detained in Turkey's eastern Muş province after spending 25 years in a bunker he constructed.

Sentenced to 36 years in prison for murder in a gunfight that left 11 dead and 17 others injured in 1994, Medeni Sağın was arrested in Sürüngüden town of Muş in an early morning operation by gendarmerie forces. After initial inspections, security forces concluded that Sağın had been living in his bunker for the past 25 years.

According to security forces, Sağın managed to avoid capture for more than two decades by receiving tips from his friends in neighboring towns about any movement of security forces. He also dug up a natural well to fulfill his need for water. If anybody came close to discovering him, he would escape on his horse until the scene was clear. He managed to avoid capture six times.

Sağın was sent to jail after he was processed by the court.

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