Istanbul to host eco-friendly city planning fair

Published 22.04.2016 00:00
Updated 22.04.2016 01:35
Istanbul to host eco-friendly city planning fair

Istanbul's Haliç Congress Center prepares to host the 'International Smart City Expo' in June, bringing together 150 municipalities under the theme of innovative and eco-friendly urban planning

The International Smart City Expo will be held at Haliç Congress Center between June 1 and June 3 and is hosted by Istanbul's Metropolitan Municipality, which represents Turkey in the international arena and lures investors with its development, in collaboration with Fira Barcelona, one of the most prominent fair companies in the world. The "Smart City" concept focuses on innovative, eco-friendly and solution-oriented projects, which aim to improve the living conditions of those living in urban areas.

The fair will welcome local and international investors, innovative professionals and other interested parties to participate. Prominent city municipalities from all over the world as well as company representatives will have a chance to present their innovative solutions for a better future. The fair will host a discussion on urban development and technology with approximately 10,000 directors and professionals. Those speaking will include more than 150 mayors governing cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants.

For three days, more than 80 speakers and participants will brainstorm over the latest developments in the smart city industry as well as present their own projects. The International Smart City Expo Istanbul Congress will be a central hub for important cities and companies from around the world to come together and present the latest innovations. Roughly 200 municipalities and companies interested in smart city technologies will make project presentations, and the fair will offer a chance to form new business contacts and develop communication between sister cities as well as companies. Istanbul's Metropolitan Municipality aims to create a supply and demand hub in Istanbul and attract companies to launch projects that can add brand value to the city. Organized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's cultural enterprise Kültür A.Ş. and hosted by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the International Smart City Expo Istanbul Congress and Fair is supported by the United Cities and Local Governments, Turkey's Union of Municipalities and the Marmara Municipalities Union. The fair is expected to host a lot of participants, especially from Turkey, the Turkic republics, the Middle East, northern Africa and the Balkans.

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