Post office employee in Istanbul heroically fends off armed robber

Published 22.03.2018 16:30 Modified 22.03.2018 16:47

A post office employee in Istanbul's Ataşehir district heroically defended his workplace against an armed robber, in an incident entirely recorded by security cameras.

The footage of the robbery attempt that took place Feb. 23 was released Thursday as police units detained the 42-year-old suspect earlier in the day.

The footage shows the robber arriving at the post office in Kayışdağı neighborhood at 3 p.m. after putting on a mask outside. He then points his gun and knife at post office employee R.Ö. and hands him a plastic bag to put the money in.

After R.Ö. refuses, the robber walks behind the counter and a brawl erupts between the two men. R.Ö. manages to make the robber drop his weapon, pulls off his mask and forces him to leave the post office empty-handed.

The robber was identified through the CCTV footage and was detained in his home early Thursday. A court ruled for his arrest later in the day.

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