Parties fail to establish Joint Bylaw Committee

Published 09.06.2017 22:58

As political party representatives were unable to establish a joint committee to adjust bylaws with constitutional change during a meeting held by Parliament speaker İsmail Kahraman on Thursday, each of the political parties are to prepare their own proposals to adjust bylaws. Following approval of the April 16 referendum on constitutional amendments, it was announced that Parliament will go into overdrive for the next sixth months to adjust laws and parliamentary bylaws, in particular, which some have long criticized for stalling parliamentary processes and often bringing the adoption of new laws to a halt.

On Thursday afternoon, Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Group Deputy Chairman Mustafa Elitaş, Republican People's Party (CHP) Group Deputy Chairman Levent Gök, National Movement Party (MHP) Deputy Chairman Erkan Akçay and Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Group Deputy Chairman Filiz Kerestecioğlu met with Kahraman to establish a committee on bylaws where Kahraman emphasized the necessity to adjust bylaws and all regulations. However, the first adjustment laws include amendments to the Military Penal Code, the Law on Judges and Public Prosecutors, the Law on the Establishment and Duties of the Constitutional Court, the Dispute Court Act, the Council of State Law and the Supreme Court Act.

Underlining that there are only four-and-a-half months left to finalize adjustments to the laws under the constitutional change, Kahraman said: "Adjustment laws can initially be done under the new constitution. In the second phase, a totally new bylaw can be written in the process by 2019." Meanwhile, with the parties' representatives unable to reach common grounds in establishing a committee for the adjustments, Elitaş called on all political parties to contribute their proposal and efforts towards the adjustment as he noted they are to immediately begin work on the proposals. Additionally, Akçay affirmed they are to "contribute to adjusting bylaws in the best way possible."

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