Marble of Turkey exhibited in stone library

Published 03.11.2014 01:46
Marble of Turkey exhibited in stone library

Located in Antalya, Taş Kütüphanesi (the stone library) showcases nearly 1,000 varied pieces of natural marble from locations across Turkey.

The library's corporate communications manager, Tutku Canıdar, in her statement to Anadolu Agency, said they began working for the project two years ago and the library opened its doors on April 1.

The library is a boutique fair center that is open for visit year-round and gathers different types of marble with different colors and configurations that have been extracted from the quarries throughout Turkey. The stones are displayed in a four story, 4,000 square meter exhibition hall. Each stone that is shaped in 30x30 and 60x60 sizes have numbers that correspond to various codes. "Architects, contractors and project and construction firms that visit our library are able to search for information about the stones they like by scanning the codes with our kiosk machine," Canıdar said. She continued, "People are able to learn which stone is extracted from what quarry, the firm it is related to and necessary contact numbers. We are a place that brings the producer and the buyer together." Canıdar underscored that the stone library concept is a first of its kind in the world and added that the library features nearly a thousand different types of stones. She said that most quarries in Turkey are having problems marketing their stones except for four or five quarries. "The state has no data about the stones that are extracted from quarries," she said. Buyers who visit the library are able to find each type of stone without visiting all the quarries around Turkey.

The library welcomes buyers from around the world as well as Turkey. "Every day we host approximately two Chinese companies," Canıdar said. She also said that their doors are open to all citizens adding, "We are promoting Turkey's natural stones with our motto 'When it comes to natural stone, Turkey is what you have been looking for,' " she said. Executives of the library are working hard to improve the natural stone sector in Turkey. They invite foreign buyers to the library and work together with marble designers.

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