Driverless cars to hit the road in 2020


Van Horne Institute, the Conference Board of Canada and Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence have jointly carried out a research named "Automated Vehicles: Rapidly Changing and Renewed Technologies in which driverless cars have been dealt with. It is stated that the driverless cars, which are expected to be put on roads in Canada as of 2020, will contribute 65 billion dollars per year to the Canadian economy.

Vijay Gill, the Director of Policy Research in the Conference Board of Canada, said that the driverless cars will contribute a lot to minimizing traffic accidents and traffic jams in addition to reducing fuel consumption and driving time. However, Gill also stated that it is possible to face new economic and social problems due to these new vehicles.

Emphasizing that the taxi and bus drivers, driving instructors, employees working in truck and courier services, in car insurance and in car parks might face job loss directly or indirectly, Gill told, "At the same time, the system will encourage car sharing. In this way, people can save money from car sharing per household."

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