Gazan brothers reflect dreams with rap music

Published 30.08.2015 21:46 Modified 30.08.2015 21:48
Gazan brothers reflect dreams with rap music

Two Gazan brothers, Muhammad es-Susi and Usame es-Susi, have formed a rap group, "Revolutionists," to reflect their hopes and ideals for the future through music. Muhammad, 22, and Usame, 20, have spent their transition period from childhood to adolescence under the Israeli blockade. Starting to compose their songs a few years ago, the two brothers have created 15 songs so far. "I decided to form a music band with my brother after five years of the Israeli blockade. Our songs depict the world's greatest open-air prison, Gaza, the youth's dreams and hopes as well as the social and political problems of Palestinians," Muhammad said, adding that the songs explain their daily troubles. "Gaza is a very productive place for writing songs if you consider problems and concerns that add to our lives every single day," he further said. Muhammad stressed that Gazans do not criticize their music even though they perform rap, a music style that is not well-known in Gaza.

"Rap music is recognized in the country. The problem is for which purpose you perform music. Our music is an attempt to show the problems of Gazan youth under Israeli attack. We express our troubles in employment, travel, education and many more subjects through music," he said. "Our music is a message to the world," Muhammad added. He said that the band's name does not have any political intentions. "We are young people, who stand against injustice and trouble. We want to make revolution through art because we lost our rights," he said. He said that local people do not have time for art due to electricity and water cuts, daily problems and making a living. Muhammad's younger brother Usama said that their song "İftah-i Kalbek" (Open Your Heart) describes the current situation in Gaza. "In this song, we show Gazans two ways: they either accept what has happened or stand and leave their country," he said.

The two brothers shared their songs in Arabic and English on social media platforms and want to reach a wider audience. Usama shared some lines from the song: "Gaza, open your heart to realize my dreams. I have a dream for a land for all of us. I have rightful and ordinary dreams. Gaza, we have lived together for a long time. I have lost my dreams. Your love is enough for you. I will not wait for you to realize my dreams and life. I will go to leave you in peace." The brothers said that they want a studio to work more and organize concerts in other places. They said they want to reinterpret Lebanese singer Ahmed Kabur's songs to rap rhythms.

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