Magic awaits children at Istanbul's theme parks

Published 20.09.2015 22:11
Updated 20.09.2015 22:17
Magic awaits children at Istanbul's theme parks

With only a week left before the new academic year kicks off, theme parks might be a good idea for you and your children to fuel up with an entertaining day. Theme parks in Istanbul offer the best time for your family during Qurban Bayram

This week marks an important holy festival for the Islamic world, Qurban Bayram (Feast of Sacrifice), also known as Eid al-Adha, which will also be celebrated throughout Turkey. As this is the last week before schools start and parents will get time off from work because of the holy festival, children are expected to make the most of it. Theme parks all over the city offer a variety of actives for families to participate together. Whether you want to spend you day with dinosaurs, underwater creatures or roller coasters, Istanbul's theme parks are ready to offer you and your children the most entertaining of times.

Jurassic Land

Located at Istanbul Forum Shopping Mall in Bayrampaşa district, Jurassic Land invites people of all ages to discover the world of dinosaurs. The biggest dinosaur theme park in Europe, built on an 8,000-square-meter area, Jurassic Land provides children with interesting activities and sights, such as excavations, t-shirt and dinosaur egg painting. Featuring 70 moving dinosaurs, the theme park is home to a museum, 4D cinema, excavation workshop area where children as well as their parents can excavate dinosaur eggs, fossils and a concept gift shop for visitors who want to get souvenirs. Among the various activities at the theme park, Dino Laser and Hunter Laser Tag stand out because they are the largest laser tag arenas in Turkey. Children shoot each other with laser rifles at Dinor Laser, while the Hunter Laser Tag arena requires adults to hunt for dinosaur eggs or animatronic dinosaurs and win a game with a story line. Designed as a reality game played in the framework of a storyline, Hunter Laser Tag encourages adults to work together and overcome challenging obstacles.


Turkey's first theme park, Vialand is more than rides at an amusement park. Spread over 600,000 square meters, Vialand is composed of a variety of shops, performance halls, an exhibition center, a hotel and of course a theme park, aiming to meet the needs of the whole family. The theme park covers 120,000 square meters and offers a magical world to its visitors. Featuring the fourth-best roller coaster in the world, the park has 30 different entertainment units, including Vialand's unique rides: "The Dream of Mehmed the Conqueror," "Once Upon A Time in Istanbul" and "Viking." The 4D cinema at the park will also screen the adventures of SpongeBob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer throughout Qurban Bayram. Captain Gaga, the mascot of the theme park, also draws children's attention and helps have a good time. From age seven to 70, people who want to live or re-discover their childhood are invited to experience unlimited entertainment at Vialand.


Growing up almost everyone played with Legos. Although our sources were limited when we were kids, today's children are much luckier as they can do more than merely play with Legos. For instance, now they can visit a whole park dedicated to Legos, the Legoland Discovery Center. What makes Legoland fun is that children cannot get in without the presence of an adult, and adults are not allowed inside without a child. So, if adults want to have fun, they have to go back to their childhood. The entire entertainment center focuses on creating the environment where parents can spend quality and entertaining time with their children. Considering this fact, Legoland will be a good escape route for families during the Qurban Bayram holiday. Legoland offers various attractions to children: Professor Bric-a-brac takes children on a tour though the Lego Factory and shows them how to make Lego bricks from raw plastic material; the legendary wizard Merlin tests children to see whether they are capable of being his new apprentice; and kids are invited to Olivia's house for a karaoke party.

Sea Life Istanbul

Located within Forum Istanbul Shopping Mall in Bayrampaşa, Sea Life is the biggest aquarium in Turkey and one of the best places to spend time with your family. Apart from being a major tourist attraction, the aquarium is also used as a center for marine research and conservation. Children and their parents are able to see over 10,000 sea creatures, including sharks, thornbacks, octopus and sea turtles in an 80-square-meter underwater glass observation tunnel and watch caretakers feed all these animals. Moreover, children are allowed to have their pictures taken with sharks under the supervision of experts and have their birthdays celebrated surrounded by their friends as well as sharks and other sea animals.


The biggest problem about living in a city is that there is not enough open-air space for children to do sports or have fun. Forestanbul aims to provide various activities for children and adults who are yearning to have a breath of fresh air in the middle of the city. Located in Belgrade Forrest in Istanbul's Eyüp district, the park covers 65,000 square meters and offers a variety of activities and adventures for people of all ages. If you want to your children to climb wooden towers – under the watch of professionals of course – or learn archery, Forestanbul is the best choice during the bayram holiday.

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