Need motherly care? Rent a mom for $40 an hour

Published 11.11.2015 21:52

Would you like to rent a mom for an hour or two? Nina Keneally from New York is selling her maternal affection, The Guardian reported. She listens to people's problems, makes soup and watches movies with clients. Emotionally needy customers can purchase her "Need a Mom" service for $40 an hour. She moved to the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick two years ago and realized that youths often seek out her advice. "As I got engaged in living here I ran into many of these young people," she said to The Guardian. Keneally can accompany you to the grocery store, sit with you in a cafe and listen to your daily problems or teach you how to cook. She also can give you advice on your career and relationships. Customers can contact Keneally through her website. They chat over email before deciding if they want to meet up for some maternal bonding. Having two sons, Keneally said her customers can talk about the issues that they cannot talk about with their actual parents. She said she has a couple of regular clients and receives many requests.

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