Meet Turkey's talented man of many faces ribbing reality TV Shows

Published 17.11.2015 01:24
Updated 17.11.2015 01:27
Meet Turkey's talented man of many faces ribbing reality TV Shows

Korcan Cinemre, a young man continuously ribbing reality TV shows in Turkey, has become a social media phenomenon. He is so successful that no one realized that he has appeared as different characters and, with different styles on each show until recently

Have you met Turkey's ever-changing face of TV shows? Korcan Cinemre, 24, an eccentric man who takes pleasure entering quiz and dating reality TV shows, has become a popular name on the entertainment scene these days. The young man is indeed a social media phenomenon with thousands of followers on his Twitter account. What makes him so famous is that he spends his time joining TV shows on various channels and poking fun at presenters and audiences with his style and talk. Following his appearance on a dating show where he teased both audience and other participants with his absurd jokes, Cinemre is now frequently mentioned on viral platforms.Speaking to the Sabah daily, Cinemre said: "I have joined reality TV shows since 2011. I soak up the atmosphere of each TV show with a new personality and face. It was at first something that I used to do with my friends for entertainment purposes, yet I never thought that I'd turn into a celebrity," he said.

Cinemre receives dozens of messages and marriage proposals from his fans around Turkey. "I think they must have lost their mind. I am well, somewhere between husband material and a man for entertainment," he went on to say. Cinemre has perfectly disguised himself in different personalities such as an unemployed father, heavy metal fan, student or a man seeking a wife, and nobody realized he was visiting different TV shows. His excellence in creating different styles is another key point behind his success. Cinemre sometimes comes with long hair or short hair with a goatee. He has even appeared with a long mustache or round glasses.

A recent video shows Cinemre on a dating show with a humorous, relaxed attitude. Appearing in a brown suit, he drove everyone in the studio out of his or her mind, especially the woman he was talking to behind a divider before they agreed to a date.

He said ribbing people on reality TV shows has become a way of life for him. Cinemre has participated in a number of Turkey's popular TV shows and is good at getting on people's nerves and he loves it. Having studied statistics at Karadeniz Technical University, Cinemre is currently giving guitar lessons to three students. "Well, I was the same guy when I was a child. I quite liked ribbing my teachers and other people around me. Let's say if somebody asked me where Acıbadem Street is, I led him to Bağdat Avenue instead. That is how I live, I like it," he continued.

Cinemre does not understand why people are afraid of being ashamed. "I do not understand this. I believe all the things we have to be shameful of will come up when we die. This is why I do not care whether they consider me a ridiculous man or not. It does not bother me at all. I enjoy my life and like appearing on TV shows," he said. Cinemre finds the weak points of each TV show first. Then he creates an interesting and funny face. "I act relaxed. Many things I say are spontaneous. When I watch the show later, I laugh a lot. I find myself another character later. This is how it goes," he continued. Cinemre said he quite likes changing the normal flow of a TV program. "Viewers can change a channel anytime they wish. This is what I am doing. I change its course, making me feel happy. I do not have something that I might lose. I am not married and do not work at the moment. Even my family does not expect me to have a normal working life. I am fine," he added. Cinemre said he received a great deal of interest after his appearance on a dating show. "I get many messages every day. They want me to continue this. I am planning new surprises," he said. Cinemre is determined to present his own TV program in the future.

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