Zombies wanted: competitive wage, scariest earns bonus

Published 16.11.2015 23:36
Updated 16.11.2015 23:38
Zombies wanted: competitive wage, scariest earns bonus

Escape games have become a popular entertainment activity in Turkey. One escape game company has released a job advertisement for a professional who will act as a zombi as part of a new game concept

Escapist, Turkey's one and only escape games center, placed an advertisement in Turkish newspapers looking for professional zombies to hire. Situated within Istanbul's Trump Shopping Center, Escapist wants to hire staff to act like zombies for the new escape games that they will offer to customers. The zombies will be assigned to the games titled "Doomsday Trilogy." Differing from ordinary job advertisements, Escapist looks for atypical qualifications in their future employees.

According to the job advertisement, which is the first of its kind in Turkey, potential employees are expected to make an impressive "boo" sound during their interviews, held during office hours. Since this is not an ordinary position, Escapist does not require professional experience. Moreover, the candidates do not have to know any foreign languages.

Being presentable and having a talent for analytical thinking, which are the most basic qualifications for all new job opportunities, are not required for zombie candidates. Escapist's unusual job advertisement concludes with this sentence: "If you walk like somebody tied a 50 kilogram load to your feet while craving people's brains and if you can make a 'boo' sound; not with a sense of mission but with love, and you want to be a part of a big game, then you might be the zombie we are looking for." If you want to apply for the job, you can visit www.kariyet.com. For further information on Escapist and reservations, visit: www.escapist.com.

The idea for a concept such as Escapist was born in the minds of its founders, Barış Koca and Soner Emanet, in August 2014, and they start working to fulfill their dream two months later. Koca and Emanet's experience in production and advertising make that job easier. The team focused on the idea of offering people the experience of watching a film while playing a game in a real place, and began designing games and the settings for the escape games. In order to enable people to feel completely immersed in the game and make a real connection, the creative team of Escapist spent hours on the script for the games as well as the sounds, smells, decor and the ambiance of the facility. Escapist opened its doors on March 20, 2015.

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