Football legend Pele says 'everybody needs money', sells memorabilia

Published 01.06.2016 19:25
Brazilian football legend Pele (AA Photo)
Brazilian football legend Pele (AA Photo)

It's rare to see Pele near a soccer field these days. The three-time World Cup winner is more likely to be on the latest leg of his journey as a traveling salesman.

Now the Brazilian great is not flogging luxury watches or fast-food chains but cashing in on the fruits of his sporting successes.

On a rain-soaked Wednesday in London, the soccer great was at an art gallery on The Mall leading up to Buckingham Palace to whip up interest in an auction of medals, trinkets and memorabilia amassed during a life in soccer.

Pele says "everybody needs money," highlighting his lack of post-playing career in coaching to earn cash.

Some of the proceeds will go to a Brazilian hospital but Pele wasn't specific on the percentage.

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