Animal lovers unite at Istanbul's horse and dog fest

Published 03.06.2016 00:17

Istanbul's unique horse and dog festival, known as the "4X4X2 Country Fest," will be held at the Kemer Country Horse Club in Kemerburgaz district this weekend.

Equestrians, professional dog trainers as well as pony and pet owners of all ages will be convening to join colorful shows that will obviously attract little children. Aside from riding competitions and obstacle races for dogs, the festival will also feature stands for pet supplies, accessories as well as free vet service, dog training consultation, information center and areas designated for children.

Children can learn how to design toy dogs at Rio's World workshop area and all toys will be donated to animal shelters. The two-day event is organized by 1,000 horsemen and animal foundations like the Göktürk Animal Lovers' Foundation.

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