Smart cradle tells parents why their baby is crying

BURSA, Turkey
Published 08.06.2016 23:15

Basri Kul of Uludağ University's (UÜ) Technical Sciences Vocational School has designed a "smart cradle device" together with one of his students. A patented invention, the device detects when and why a baby cries and notifies the parent. The device monitors the baby's voice continuously. When a baby begins to cry, the device first analyzes the sound of the cry to detect the reason and informs the parent, telling them whether the baby is hungry, wants to sleep or is in need of its mother. Furthermore, the device takes the baby's temperature continuously through a unit placed on the pillow and notifies parents when the baby's temperature rises. Noting that the device has four criteria for sound changes and differences in baby cries, Kul said, "Thanks to the device, we are able to know whether the baby is hungry, in need of its mother's affection or sleep. If the baby wants its mother's affection, the device begins to play the recorded sound of the mother. For instance, the baby might begin to cry when a toy falls into the cradle and gives it discomfort. With the smart cradle device, we are able to detect why the baby cries through the changes in its voice. When babies are hungry, the voice of their cry changes and we want to direct parents by detecting these changes."

Kul's device can be monitored via the Internet. The smart cradle device can rock the cradle, turn on or off the lights and send email to parents saying their baby is in need of more affection or if its temperature rises. Kul said that babies are in need of constant affection, and working parents sometimes fail to realize when their baby's temperature rises at night as they are very tired. He stated that their primary concern with the device is to monitor and notify parents as soon as possible.

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