Wax figures for Istanbul's Madame Tussauds prepared in London

Published 26.06.2016 23:37
Updated 26.06.2016 23:39
Wax figures for Istanbul's Madame Tussauds prepared in London

As Turkey is getting ready for the opening of world's famous waxwork museum Madame Tussauds in Istanbul's İstiklal Avenue in December 2016, the officials of the museum opened the doors of their workshop in London and offered insights about the creation of the wax figures and the museum to journalists.

The officials of the museum informed that they conducted a thorough investigation about whose wax museums that the public wants to see at the new museum. It is also revealed that it takes at least three months to complete a wax figure and the cost of making a wax figure is 200,000 pounds including the costs for research about the famous figure, creating of the figure and its exhibition. It is further underlined that the cost might increase according to the posture of the figure. The manager of LEGOLAND Discovery Center and Madame Tussauds Istanbul Sarper Suner who accompanied to the journalists at the workshop informed that they want the museum to reflect Turkish culture and Turkey in the best way possible and aims to offer people the chance to have a good time with the wax figures of their idols.

Madame Tussauds Museum, scheduled to open with Grand Pera building in Istanbul's historic district Beyoğlu, will feature the wax figures of 56 well-known people and historic figures from Turkey and around the world including the founder of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Ottoman sultan who conquered Istanbul, Mehmed II, Ottoman Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent, world-renowned poet Rumi, musicians Zeki Müren and Barış Manço, members of cult Turkish band MFÖ, actress Adile Naşit and writer Yaşar Kemal along with modern popular figures such as Angelina Jolie, Usain Bolt, Steve Jobs, Messi, Rihanna, Marilyn Monroe and Muhammad Ali. Madame Tussauds Istanbul will feature a 2,000-square-meter exhibition venue. Guests will be able to take photos with the figures and attend the interactive events organized by the museum.

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