Antalya's ice museum a cool relief for visitors in summer

Published 28.06.2016 00:00
Antalya's ice museum a cool relief for visitors in summer

Blessed with warm weather all year round, the coastal city of Antalya is also under the effect of extreme hot weather conditions as the temperatures have already reached 40 degrees Celsius. To avoid heat wave, local and international tourists visit Snow World, Turkey's debut ice museum every day. Under minus 5 minus degrees Celsius, Snow World not only entertains visitors but also cools them down. Gizem İlhan of Snow World said that the venue extends along 1,500 square meters and is surrounded by natural snow. Attracting visitors of all ages, Snow World is becoming more popular especially in summer months.

Emine Uygun, a local tourist in Antalya, said, "The place is very cold but it is nice to spend time here as Antalya is very hot in summer." Decorated by sculptures, designs and objects, Snow World was designed by sculptor Serkan Kalkan.

The museum's walls are covered with an aquarium showing frozen fish. For Snow World, Kalkan made ice sculptures of the Temple of Apollo in Aydın, tombs of ancient Lycia, Saint Nicholas, Hadrian's Gate in Antalya, Abdal Musa, the ancient Greek town of Myra and Aspendos ruins and the myth of Bellerophon. Another sculptor Tamay Uysal said that they are designing new sculptures and designs like ice replicas of Turkey's prominent figures.

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