‘Until death do us part’, man marries iPhone in Las Vegas

Published 30.06.2016 16:50
emYoutube screenshot/em
Youtube screenshot

A man has picked his iPhone as his soulmate and married his smartphone at a Las Vegas chapel, bringing the concept of marriage to a new level.

According to a report published by KTNV Channel 13 Action News, Aaron Chervenak applied to The Little Las Vegas Chapel on May 20 to tie knots with his phone.

"At first it was like what?" Michael Kelly, the owner of chapel was cited saying in the report.

Surprised at first, Kelly went ahead with the ceremony. "And then I was like... Alright let's do it," he said.

"We don't really have many people that marry inanimate objects."

The man reportedly drove from Los Angeles, where he lives, to Las Vegas for the ceremony.

"The marriage isn't legally recognized by the State of the Nevada, but there is no commitment ceremony The Little Vegas Chapel will deny," the report said.

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