Exhibition in Istanbul takes visitors on interstellar journey

Published 01.08.2016 01:28
Exhibition in Istanbul takes visitors on interstellar journey

Organized by GES Technology, Interstellar Space, which features video mapping and 3-D interaction simulations, will stay open until Sept. 4.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA) about the exhibition at the Torium AVM exhibition hall, GES Technology General Manager Gürcan Demirci said that they organized this exhibition in order to satisfy their space-related curiosity, and explained that the exhibition displays the simulation projects of the next 50 years related to space along with information systems about solar system and planet models.

The has various platforms such as the solar system, a Mars vehicle simulator, weight simulator and moon simulator, which are open to all visitors over the age of four.

Noting that the exhibition could respond to all the projects conducted regarding space, planets and solar system, Demirci said: "A great number of visitors come from Istanbul and other provinces. Our aim is to reach 30,000 visitors within three months. On the weekends, the number of visitors can reach up to 400 people. We receive intense demands for the opening of the exhibition in other places. Various groups of students come with appointment system. Our educators inform the students about solar system and planets."

Pointing out that the exhibition features the history of space travel and a sky map, Demirci said: "Users are given some missions in the moon simulators. As long as they complete these missions, they are informed about moon and Mars. In addition, we have a globe that gives information about the creation of the world, and a moon landing simulator. Our visitors complete the Apollo 11 mission in the moon simulators."

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