Russians, Iranians join 'democracy watches,' support Turkish people

Published 01.08.2016 01:00
Updated 01.08.2016 01:01
Russian residents at a “democracy watch” in Antalya.
Russian residents at a “democracy watch” in Antalya.

More people occupy public squares every night for "democracy watches," denouncing the July 15 failed coup attempt. Tourists and foreigners living in different Turkish cities also join the gatherings against the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ), the prime suspect behind the coup attempt to seize power over the country.

In southern Antalya province, Russians take their place in the public squares, holding Turkish and Russian flags to show their support. Joining the people in the city's Cumhuriyet Square, Russians also followed the recent live broadcast of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on TVs through smart screens set up in the square. Some Russians even chanted protests with others in the square. Antalya Russian Culture and Arts Foundation President İrina Balcı said that they experienced a terrible night that night. "I learned what was going on while watching the TV. We gather in squares for democracy. July 15 witnessed unfortunate incidents," Balcı said. Anna Doğanyılmaz, a Russian resident in Antalya said, "We get our Turkish flags and come here to stand by democracy."

In eastern Van province, Iranian tourists also join democracy watches. The locals in the city gather in the city's Beşyol Square where they stay until late hours each day. Iranian tourists, who prefer spending their summer vacation in Van, protest the coup attempt with chants and songs promoting democracy. Some Iranian tourists said they followed what happened in Turkey through news channels. Amir Mısavati, an Iranian tourist in Van, said: "We are here to stand with Turkish people until the morning. I am very happy to see Turkish people united." Another Iranian tourist, Nefise Ferid, said she wanted to join the democracy watch with her family. "It is rather exciting to see thousands of people in public squares. Turkish people send an exemplary stance to the rest of the world. Everyone is joyful here. Lots of Iranian tourists show their support," Leyla Haydari said, also an Iranian tourist.

Since the July 15 failed coup attempt, celebrities, public figures and politicians have been rallying crowds at gatherings, showcasing the unity of the nation against the coup.

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