Yozgat hosts culture and social activities festival

Published 05.08.2016 01:41
Updated 05.08.2016 01:42
Yozgat hosts culture and social activities festival

The International Sürmeli Culture, Art and Social Activities Festival, which is being organized by the Yozgat Municipality for the 17th time, has kicked off with a circumcision ceremony. Addressing the people at the ceremony, Yozgat Governor Kemal Yurtnaç spoke of the importance of culture and arts events and how they bring people together. Yurtnaç said they are happy and sad at the same time: "Becoming a nation requires felling joy and sadness together whenever necessary. We will increase the number of these kinds of cultural events in the future. I also congratulate our municipality for organizing this cultural event like a feast. This country and nation paid the price after the failed coup attempt on July 15. The people of Yozgat showed great heroism that night. The pain wears off and the happiness escalates when we share it with other people."

Yozgat Municipality Mayor Kazım Arslan said they are sharing the excitement of 103 children who were being circumcised and their families. Arslan said Yozgat deserves beautiful things and declared: "We want Yozgat to be livable and have an identity of a big city. We hope Yozgat will be a city where we can live together in peace. These kinds of activities reinforce our unity and solidarity. God willing, these current bad days will be gone, never to return."

Following the speeches, the Azerbaijan Folk Dance Ensemble performed. The children who were being circumcised were also given gifts and the participants were fed. The festival is to last for a week.

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