July 15 coup attempt poetry to be compiled into anthology

Published 08.08.2016 01:11
Updated 08.08.2016 01:12
July 15 coup attempt poetry to be compiled into anthology

Istanbul's Sultanbeyli Municipality has announced that they will compile every poem written on the Turkish people who played an important role in stopping the coup attempt orchestrated by the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) in a book titled "Darbeye Direnen Şiirler: 15 Temmuz Direniş Şiirleri Antolojisi" (Poems that Resist Coup: The Anthology of July 15 Resistance Poems).

Commenting on the recent announcement, Sultanbeyli Municipality's head of the Cultural Affairs Mehmet Mazak said that the Turkish nation showed "great bravery" on the night of the failed coup attempt and they aim to collect every poem written by professional poets as well as amateurs in a single volume to present to the people. "The Turkish people have created a saga that will spread and will not be forgotten for hundreds of years. However, this saga was written with the blood of those who lost their lives and were injured on the Boğaziçi Bridge (its name has been changed into July 15 Martyrs Bridge), Vatan Avenue in Istanbul and the Kızılay Square in Ankara. Sultanbeyli Municipality Mayor Hüseyin Keskin wanted to compile every poem about the July 15 failed coup attempt and present this book as a gift to Turkish literature," said Mazak.

Sultanbeyli Municipality has already made a call to the people to send them their poems about the failed coup attempt and the people that died. Mazak said that these poems not only serve as documents of what happened on July 15 but will also go down in history as a victory, awakening and resurrection. Those who want their poems to be published can get in touch with the Sultanbeyli Municipality's Department of Cultural Affairs

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