Women empowered via digital education in Antalya

Published 17.04.2017 00:43
Updated 17.04.2017 00:44

The "Beni Hafife Alma Dijital Eğitim" (Don't Underestimate Me Digital Education) platform aims to help women and girls who left school before completing their education to return to school with tablet computers via their new project.

Carried out by Alternative Education Foundation (UZEYAD) and Antalya Governorate, the project was initiated in Antalya and is planned to be carried out in other provinces in Turkey if it succeeds.

Women and girls who have middle or high schools records in Antalya will be contacted and provided with tablet computers if they are willing to participate in the project. With the tablets, they will be able to follow online classes that will be free of charge. The participants will also be able to join interactive classes live and ask questions to the teachers directly.

As a part of the project, a public bus has been equipped with the necessary technology to offer project participants mobile education. The bus, which is called "technobus" will travel across the province and bring teachers together with participants face to face as well. Under the project, the first 300 participants have already been provided their tablet computers and have begun their studies.

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