Wheel takes off from moving vehicle, rolls into nearby pharmacy hitting two people

Published 19.04.2017 00:00
Updated 19.04.2017 11:24

A back wheel became dislodged from a moving vehicle in Turkey's southern Adana province and rolled down the street at a fast pace, before entering a pharmacy and hitting two persons inside the store.

"We are a pharmacy. We were waiting for patients. A wheel came instead. We're shocked," pharmacy owner Abdulkadir Erdeve said, commenting the unusual incident.

The incident happened Friday, when the loose wheel first wobbled around and then headed to the open door of the pharmacy, hitting Ibrahim Obaz and Volkan Ay, who were visiting pharmacy owner Erdeve.

The funny moments were recorded by security cameras, which also revealed that a women with a stroller was also present in the pharmacy, but was out of the wheel's reach.

Recalling the incident, Erdeve said that the wheel first hit the head of one of his friends and then the face of his other friend, who were all sitting in front of Erdeve's desk.

Erdeve also stated that he did not file a complaint, but jokingly added that maybe next time a truck would roll into the pharmacy.

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